What does Takhys do?

In simple terms, Takhys gives you a way to visualise all the operational aspects of your property and their current status, whether it be maintenance tasks pending completion, regular recurrences such as checking swimming pool pH or fire extinguisher checks, housekeeping daily priorities and progress, meter readings and much more.

We even communicate with suppliers on your behalf, so if, for example, a lift develops a fault, as soon as that incidence is added to Takhys, we'll contact the maintenance company automatically AND track their response to ensure that they react inside your agreed service period. We empower your staff to interact directly with the system, marking tasks completed and ready for approval, flagging issues for other departments and more. We provide management with an at-a-glance overview of the status of all tasks, not just in a single hotel but across all hotels in a group, if required. "takhys" - classical Greek, adj; meaning "fast"
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Incidence Management

• Detailed control of any incidence that takes place anywhere within the establishment. • Ranking of incidences by priority, location, property, date, etc. • Control over the ongoing evolution of any incidence - time, materials, costs, etc. • Ability to allocate responsibility for incidence resolution to employees or third parties, as required in a single click. • Generation of reports on incidences, which can be filtered by numerous parameters: date, person, type, response time, time to complete, etc. • Export of reports in XLS or CSV formats. • Incidence statistics by type, location, period, etc.

Procedure Management

• Using procedure management, we can define and schedule all procedures we want to establish, to be launched by the application immediately when appropriate. • The versatility is unlimited: we can plan any type of process, for example: - Facility Checks . - Legally Required Procedures (legionella, APPC, etc) - Internal procedures (pruning, cleaning schedules, etc.) - Process measurements (temperature, chlorine, pH, CO2) - Routine Procedures (night security rounds, checking critical points, etc.) • All of these procedures are completed remotely through our app and are displayed in real time on the platform for users with internet access regardless of location.

Situation Planning

• A picture is worth a thousand words, and through Situation Planning we can visualize the most important locations, with graphical status updates detailing staus, issues, priorities and more. • The Situation Plan is linked with our app in real-time, so as status updates are made, so the Situation Plan reflects these updates immediately. • All states, statuses, and their icons can be defined by the customer. • The entire platform reflects the policy of Takhys for Management: "We don't want to change the way you work, we just want to provide tools to help you work smarter" Our system adapts to you, not the other way round.

Control Panel

Our platform has a customizable Control Panel or Dashboard with the following characteristics: • Each user can define their own elements as needed. • Display of consumption, incidents, alarms, planning procedures, etc, are all available.